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Do You Have a Unique Brand Voice? (Hint: Yes you do. Here’s how to use it.)

Not unlike YOU – your brand is unique.

So just as each person does, your personal brand has a unique personality and voice, which, in turn, play a critical role in ensuring that your messages cut through all the digital noise.

And under the big top of today’s social media circus, harnessing a unique brand voice is more important than ever because you want to make a lasting impression on your audience.

So, what is a Brand Voice – and Verbal Branding?

Every time your brand “speaks” – through website copy, blog articles, social posts, video scripts, guest posts, podcast interviews… its voice should be consistent, recognizable and memorable.

Your audience (readers, listeners, followers, community, and ideal clients) should be able to identify your brand as easily as recognizing their BFF on the phone who only ever says, “Hi, it’s me!”

From your choice of words on your website’s About page to the tone of language you’re using to deliver a particular message – your brand voice is the verbal representation of what your health & wellness business is all about.

How to cultivate your unique Brand Voice | Krista Goncalves Co.

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It’s also a big part of your VERBAL BRAND IDENTITY, so it should be very consistent.

However, while voice is consistent, tone is adaptable to suit a particular message (or piece of content), which can be as subtle as adding emotional inflection in your speaking voice or adapting the tone of your writing, perhaps infusing it with humor, wit or sarcasm, so long as it’s “on brand” for you.

(For those of you who know me in “real life”, I’m in a serious relationship with sarcasm.)

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Where can your Brand Voice be used and heard by your target audience?

Perhaps some of the lesser recognized places that your brand voice be used…

  • In your email replies to inquiries
  • In your Calls-to-action (CTA’s)
  • In your bios – for blogs, guest blogs, podcasts & interviews as well as if you’re doing local talks or webinars

But, the more likely and obvious places you’ll tap into your brand’s voice is in your social posts (hey there Instagram!), and on your website. This, of course, includes your About Me – or Start Here page. Here’s MINE as an example!

How to Cultivate Your Strong & Unique Brand Voice

Authentic brands have strong voices that resonate with a target audience ANd they tell stories. Yes! Your brand has a story too! That’s why the voice that is the vehicle for your brand’s story is sooooo important.

First things first… how do you discover your authentic, strong & unique brand voice – and use it consistently. Everywhere?How to create your unique brand voice | Krista Goncalves Co.

These 4 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS will ensure that when your health & wellness brand “speaks”, it is heard AND has the ability to cut through the digital noise and soar with the best of the flying circus monkeys! (aka, social media)

1/ Who are you? Be authentic, be you.

2/ Who are you speaking to? Know your audience and the language they resonate with – and what they don’t.

3/ Messaging & tone – clear and concise.

4/ Consistency across channels.

Tips for uncovering your brand voice and using the right tone and language that will resonate with your target audience:

Consider that your brand voice is meant to be heard (and remembered) by your audience. You want them to feel a certain way after an interaction with your brand. So, make sure it sounds nice to them!

But to know that, without them telling you directly, you have to know what they like, what they want, their demographics and then create that music to their ears after your initial research.

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  • Step outside your industry and search for voices and vibes you resonate with.

The thing is, when you’re hitting too close to your own business backyard, you inadvertently pick up phrases, and other brand -isms. Seeking inspiration beyond your direct competition (in the health & wellness space) may give you a fresh perspective.

I, for one, was guilty as heck of that one when I first got into the online business space. I thought I had to speak a certain way, that I tried to mimic certain language and phrases some of the big players in the same space.

Trust me, it doesn’t work because you come off as being inauthentic and your people will spot that a mile away.

  • Just to hit that point home — don’t be a copycat version of someone else. Just because a voice works and seems successful for one health & wellness brand doesn’t mean it will work for you and yours.
  • Being authentic is about acting natural, relatable, and human. If your brand’s voice feels awkward and forced, that’s not the right fit for your brand.
  • Don’t be all things to all people. In an effort to appeal to the masses, your message and uniqueness can and will become diluted.

Think about it – the most memorable brands repel people on purpose because they know that when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

For example, if you promote and sell high-end, 1:1 or small group health coaching sessions (with a high-end price tag to match) — own it!!

Don’t create value or low-budget messaging around these services or programs. This will be an obvious turn-off for some people – but they’re not your people and weren’t going to buy from you anyway 🙂

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  • Be clear and consistent across all of your digital channels.

Think of this example: you don’t want to be all white linen & rose gold teacups all over Instagram, writing about your bliss-filled Sunday Self Care, then go dropping f-bombs like a trucker in your Instagram memes or in your FB livestreams.

This is just not a uniform brand voice, and your people won’t know what to expect from you and they’ll become confused, which then mucks up their overall brand experience.


A great example of clear and consistent brand voice is Naughty Nutrition… check out their sales landing page for the N5 Diet program. Paired with their usual fresh and fun visual elements, isn’t the tone and language just so inviting… for a nutrition  & lifestyle program?!

But this is the same vibe that you’ll experience across all of their digital platforms – website, socials, and videos. Very consistent and because you get what you’ve come to expect every time you interact with their brand, this helps to build their brand trust.

When you consider what goes into developing and harnessing your unique brand voice, it’s better to use a more conversational tone that is welcoming and approachable. Your audience wants to feel like they’re following a friend.

This kind of memorable brand voice is at the heart of building trust with your audience – and isn’t that the business that we’re really in?

People do business with people – and people buy from people who they trust.

And lastly… just remember that cultivating a unique brand voice isn’t a one-and-done thing or plug ‘n play kinda deal. It evolves over time, changes and morphs, as will every other element in your personal brand. As I like to say — it’s a living, breathing entity!

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