Lessons Learned One Year Blogging

20 Lessons From One Year of Health Blogging

I’m sharing 20 lessons I’ve learned this past year (and questions left to answer) as I navigate the big ‘ol health blogosphere.

Forgive me in advance for all the so-last-year phrases, hashtag sillies, and super-cute emoticons I’m going to use ūüėČ

20 Lessons Learned from One Year of Health Blogging


After One Year Blogging – here’s what I’ve learned!

1/ Learning new skills, especially technical stuff Рin your forties is much more difficult than in your twenties, even thirties, even last year. Many of your brain cells have left the building!

2/¬†The wonders of WordPress: Plug-ins are neat, but what the [email protected] are Widgets?!

3/¬†Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Like what font you should use for your post titles because there’s much more important stuff that will gnaw relentlessly at the brain cells you do have left…like where the hell are my “unique visitors” and “organic traffic”?!

Why do you tease me Google Analytics?

Lesson #3: Make your sweat, and lack of sleep count for something.

4/ Things change constantly: your opinions, your writing style, the latest research in your niche, your demographic, your focus, your sharing comfort level, and…your weight because you’re sitting on your ass all day! Stand-up workstation perhaps?

Lesson #4: Be open and adaptable to change. If you aren’t, you WILL be left in the dust.

5/ Treat your blog as a business, not as an expensive, time-sucking hobby.¬†You’re a #webpreneur

No wait, you’re a freakin’ online #LadyBoss and…

#mamapreneur #wellpreneur #mompreneur #blogpreneur – shall I go on?

6/¬†Blogging as a job isn’t for the faint at heart. It’s more work, resourcefulness, and business strategy than you can imagine. Who knew it was about more than just talking about yourself and venting to an online audience!

#BlogFullTimeI am so blogging this! mug

7/¬†More than one person made the comment to me a year ago,¬†“Blogging as a business?! Ooooohhh, have fun with THAT!”¬†And just yesterday…”Oh, you’re a Blogger? How’s THAT workin’ out for ya?!”

Lesson #7: Put your big girl panties on and be proud of who’s wearing them, the business (ad)venture you’ve set in motion, and what you’ve accomplished so far!


SIDE NOTE: is it any wonder that I’ve also started another lil gig called Holistically Sarcastic??¬†

8/¬†Perfection doesn’t exist. Progress and forward movement are what matters, even if it’s progressing from your 1st blog post to your 61st (yeah!!), from 6 followers on Instagram¬†to 618 (yeah!!)¬†or from 2 cups of coffee to a pot (yikes!!!).

Year Four Update: 3250 followers on Instagram – organic growth does happen!

9/ Stop shoving your social media down to the bottom of the To-Do list because you’re scared of it, annoyed by it or you’re just plain baffled by it. It can shoot your blog to the stars if you engage your audience strategically. BUT, learn to spot the signs of Social Media Burnout… ’cause it’s a thing!

New Health Blogger Lesson #9: Stop shoving your social media down the priority list because you find it tedious. It can shoot your blog to the stars if you engage your audience strategically with high value, relevant content. Click To Tweet

(Provided you’ve actually figured out WHO your audience is?!)

10/ Learning the ins & outs of blogging as a business while working from home with a 4-year old offers lessons in extreme patience (e.g. keeping your Satan voice in your pocket until just the right moment), effective time management, while being a stealth multi-tasker, and how NOT to lose your marbles from listening to Frozen in the background for the hundredth time!


Here’s are some good tips from Mogul Mom¬†on how to work from home with a toddler that I wish I’d known a year ago!

11/¬†Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn’t looking good either. My people will get back to you on that in 1-5 business days, or maybe not at all.

Lesson #11:¬†I can’t please everyone all the time – especially as it relates to #10.

12/¬†Effective time management, especially as it relates to #10, and having an editorial calendar is crucial. There’s even a plugin for that! Or is it a widget?

Lesson #12: Without these 2 things in place, you’re just throwing shit at the wall and hoping that something will stick.

13/¬†SEO = Search Engine Optimization… causes me PMS.

And don’t even get me started on HTML code and drop-down menus! Ok, getting a little verklempt. However, thank gawd there’s a plug-in for that too…

Lesson #13: Get Yoast SEO

Online Business Resources for Health Pros & Wellness Entrepreneurs | 2020 Edition | Krista Goncalves Co.

Along the way…

I’ve compiled some other useful blogging & online health biz resources.


(This is something I wish I had when I was first starting out!)

14/¬†As a Health Writer — yes, I prefer to call myself that because it seems fancier than ‘blogger’ — I’ve never done so much reading in my life.

Lesson #14: Writers READ daily.

15/¬†Success shouldn’t always be measured in dollars… but it sure would be a nice barometer!

On the other hand, I felt pretty shiny and successful the other day when my 7-year-old son was watching over my shoulder as I feverishly typed out a social media post (’cause it HAD to go out that very minute or else the internet would shut down).

He saw my picture on the screen, and shouted: “are you like a celebrity on the internet?!”

I simply smiled at him and replied self-confidently, “why yes, I am! Thank you for noticing!”

My kids will always be my biggest fans and that’s enough for me… most of the time ūüėČ

16/ When I’ve worked all day on something, really putting my heart ‘n soul into it – why do the people-the-size-of-crumbs feel the need to go and erase my whole post with all the magic and mischief that only people their size could have?

When that has happened on several occasions, I just fire off a new & improved post – after throwing a Mama-sized hissy-fit first, of course!

Lesson #16: you should always back-up and save your work frequently. I now hit “save draft” about every 30 seconds.

FYI – “people the size of crumbs” do NOT exist. They are a figment of my daughter’s imagination, but they sure do make good scapegoats when sh*t hits the fan.

17/¬†I seriously had no idea how bloggers were creating such pretty post titles and other graphics and thought they must have had previous work experience as a graphic designer or were hiring people to do it…not always so!

Lesson #17: Try CANVA Рit makes it easy and nearly painless to create fun graphics. Go play!

18/ But sometimes, it’s not all about the blogging & business, hustlin’ & grindin’. (I’ve actually come to loathe those terms!)

There may be a point at which it becomes all-consuming, and you’re having weird blog-fueled nightmares, about the people-the-size-of-crumbs screwing up your masterfully edited post, for example… then it’s perhaps time to take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities.

Balance in all aspects of life is necessary!

  • Family
  • Blogging/business
  • Friends/social life (that involves real people and gets you off Facebook)
  • Self-care (= exercise, adequate sleep, meditation, etc)
  • Meal planning and staying on track with other healthy habits like staying hydrated and eating my leafy greens!

New Health Blogger Lesson #18: Completely UNPLUG every now and then. It's liberating and soul-nourishing. And necessary. Click To Tweet

19/¬†health blogger jokeSitting is said to be the new smoking. At this rate, I’m right on track for developing emphysema in the next three years!

Seriously though, I’ve never been this lethargic at a job, as a Health Writer¬†no less!

Did I mention that I’m a former Fitness Trainer & Bootcamp Company owner?

Sweet baby lemons, now typing is my cardio ūüôĀ

As in #18, I’ve found striking a balance in my life to be that much more important since starting down this bloggers’ road.

Lesson #19: Daily exercise is the key to balance! Also, investing in a stand-up workstation with an anti-fatigue mat under my feet was a really good idea.

20/ Reflecting back on the very early days of the Making Lemonade blog (officially launched back in February 2015), I was filled with such insecurity and uncertainty, and my blog was filled with so much randomness – unlike THIS very organized, non-random post *irony-infused eye roll*

But after 12 months into this, I can honestly say that I absolutely LOVE what I’ve started!

Lesson #20: Do what you like. Like what you do.

My adventures in blogging (including all of the ups & downs this past year) have all been worth it. All thanks to my hungry readers and, of course — my amazing community!

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