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Why Making Lemonade?

You may be wondering what Making Lemonade is all about?!

Let’s just say that I’ve quite literally been where you likely are right now in your entrepreneurial journey, so I can genuinely understand where you’re coming from, as well as where you’re going. And my oh my, are YOU going places, my sweet friend!

I’ve traveled a long and winding road within the Wellness Industry, and I want to share ALL of my experiences with you, plus offer you my juiciest online business-building tips! (as in…what NOT to do!)

LEARN MORE about my journey into the Health & Wellness online space and why I decided to ‘make lemonade’ – and how I can help you do it too!

Together, let’s juice up YOUR business and personal brand.

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“I would highly recommend Krista’s writing skills to any professional who wants to continue to publish amazing content to grow their business and save tons of time.

Krista’s writing, both published and ghostwritten, has allowed me and my team to produce more content, show up consistently online and launch new products that have increased subscriptions to my email list and my revenue.

Her writing is very thorough and she takes the time to ensure she is clear of the goal of the content and to write it in the style of my brand.

Behind the scenes, she is reliable, excellent at communicating with my team, and a pleasure to work with.”

~ Lori Kennedy, founder of The Wellness Business Hub and LoriKennedyInc.com

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Making Lemonade's most recent articles on current industry topics that cover all the sweetest online business-building strategies + tips for juicing up YOUR health & wellness biz and brand!

Running your own wellness business can sink your sanity – and your health. Unfortunately, there’s much truth in this statement, and many online solo wellness entrepreneurs, including myself, will attest to it. Good news… there are many things you can do about it, and don’t have to sacrifice your business to do them!

Copywriting is the process of writing text used for marketing purposes, and it can separate the effective marketing campaigns from the not-so-effective ones. Being connected to the online wellness business space, I’ve been able to identify the 5 most common mistakes that so many Health Pros make when they DIY their own web copy – and you bet I’ve made them all too!

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Krista, I can’t say enough about the incredible job you did on the trio of workshops I requested. You and your team made the creation and design process so incredibly easy on me. I’m just blown away at how professional the slide decks and workbooks look. Thank you so much.

You took the vision in my head and turned it into reality. Once we hit the “go” button you and your team ran with it and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was worth every penny!!! I’m excited to work with you again in the near future.

~ Karen Pattock, International Business Coach, KarenPattock.com

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