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The Holistic Marketing & Branding Strategy You Should Be Doing

I have to say that I’m pretty hopped up on an entire business philosophy these days, and here it is:

Holistic Marketing + Brand Experiences = Business Growth.

But, let’s squeeze that out a bit more…

“Branding matters more than ever. Experience is a buzz word, but it really does matter, and it’s a holistic experience.

Our brand is not just our product [program or service]; it’s the moment somebody hears about [you].”

– Neil Blumenthal, co-founder Warby Parker

Similar to the way you probably think of ‘holistic health’ or ‘holistic medicine’ as being characterized by treating the whole person, while taking mental and social factors into account, rather than just treating the symptoms of a disease or health condition.

Just like the amazingly complex human body, your business has so many different moving parts, BUT it’s only able to function at full capacity when all those parts work together towards the same purpose.

Marketing Holistically & Creating Brand Experiences – wait, what?

As you might expect, HOLISTIC MARKETING, then, is really about recognizing your business as one inter-canoodling unit. (Mmmm, canoodling… )

This Holistic Marketing concept or philosophy should be the impetus for aligning all of your content creation, programs, services, systems, and client ‘touchpoints’.

A touchpoint is any time a [client or prospect] comes in contact with your brand – before, during, or after they purchase something from you.

Identifying your touchpoints is the first step toward creating a customer journey map, and making sure your [clients] are satisfied every step of the way. ~ Survey Monkey

Therefore, the endgame that you’re trying to achieve with your business should be creating a platform from where you create and deliver a consistent client EXPERIENCE across multiple channels or networks.

(There’s that word again — experience.)

Holistic Marketing & Branding Experiences | Krista Goncalves Co.

So, in other words… it’s your unified omnichannel marketing strategy that uses your brand foundations as a launchpad. And yes, I’ll be sure to let you in on what your Brand Foundations are too.

Phew – that’s some pretty powerful marketing! See, being ‘holistic’ isn’t just for hippies after all 😉

Here’s a real-world example of Holistic Marketing & Branding:

THAT CLEAN LIFE, as you may be familiar with their meal planning service for business – has quite a notable marketing strategy that has always stood out to me – probably the reason why I feel so drawn to them, love collaborating with them and can happily refer to them!

That Clean Life - real life example of Holistic Marketing Strategy

Want to read the recent guest post that I did for That Clean Life? It was so much fun to put it together!

The 5 Mistakes Nutritionists Make When They Take Their Nutrition Business Online

Here’s what Tabitha Wills, Partnerships Lead at That Clean Life had to say about their marketing strategy:

“I love the concept of marketing ‘holistically’ because it is effectively what we’ve been doing — ensuring all parts of the business are running in a way that feels good and working toward solving common problems for nutrition professionals.

We rely heavily on our CONTENT MARKETING as the backbone of our marketing strategy.

This started from the very beginning when our co-founder, Abigail Hopkins was running a blog and e-books containing her meal plans to share with others who were interested.

Writing a blog has always allowed That Clean Life to have a voice and share authentically on topics we’ve heard from our members that are roadblocks in their business.

We knew we could help our members this way, but also attract other nutrition professionals who may not have heard of us with great content.

Also, in the beginning, we didn’t have money to spend on traditional advertising, so we decided if we can’t spend, we can certainly teach. This has served us very well!

Our goal has always been to create smart and actionable content for our members, free of charge. The last thing we want them to worry about (when starting a business) is to pay for additional courses to feel confident in actually running their business.

Through blogs, coaching calls, free e-books, webinars, and weekly marketing emails, we want to make sure they have the tools they need to successfully run their business with plenty of help from That Clean Life.

From a marketing standpoint, I think a large part of our success has come from staying CONSISTENT in our weekly blogs.

It's about showing up week after week to blog, livestream, run webinars, put together e-books... even when you don't feel like it. ~ @ThatCleanLife Click To Tweet

We feel this practice has demonstrated we’re reliable, trustworthy, and have the real-deal tools to help nutrition professionals run their businesses more effectively – and feel truly supported while they do it.

We want our community to know that if they’ve got a question about running their nutrition business, we’ve likely covered it, and they can just look in our resources tab to find the answer!”

My own observations about their platform, their unique brand, and how I admire their use of holistic marketing!

  • The TCL Brand – here’s what I had to say about that!
  • Website – clean, simple, and clear about WHAT they do and WHO they do it for.
  • Meal planning services for individuals & businesses – the platform I wish was available when I was in the height of my nutrition business!
    • Again – clean, simple, easy to navigate, and clear as to WHO it serves (i.e. nutrition professionals) and what problems it solves for them.
That Clean Life on Instagram | The Holistic Marketing & Branding Strategy You Should Be Doing | Krista Goncalves Co.
  • Socials @ThatCleanLife – super cohesive, consistent, and “on brand”.
  • Email marketing game – they have the best emails and newsletters. If you’re not yet on their subscriber list, get on it so you can see for yourself.

I honestly don’t recall receiving one of their emails and NOT opening it. I always learn something from one of their healthy lifestyle tidbits, free nutrition business resources, or other interesting content they share regularly and frequently.

You can get on their email list by downloading any one of their freebie resources but THIS GUIDE is my fave!

The Guide to Marketing Your Group Nutrition Programs | That Clean Life

How to Market Your Health & Wellness Brand… more holistically!

Small business owners and online entrepreneurs are a different breed (in a good way!), but Health & Wellness experts who are pursuing the online solopreneur life are a different subset all together – again, in a good way!

For starters, we care soooooo deeply about the thoughts, feelings, and needs of others. So much so, that we often put our own thoughts, feelings, and needs on the back-burner.

That being the case, doesn’t it make good sense to be more holistic in all areas of our lives – and why should our businesses be any exception?

I propose a LESS-HUSTLING-MORE-THRIVING way of tackling your business task schedule, both front-end, and back-end stuff — and that you incorporate a more holistic social media marketing strategy into it while you’re at it…

The Marketing & Branding Strategy You Should Be Doing... More Holistically (including Social Media!)

create a juicy, write-home-to-mom-about holistic brand experience… without losing all of that sweet “you-ness” in the process. Then market the pulp out of it! Holistically, of course.

Effective Marketing Starts With Solid Brand Foundations = Road Map to Business Growth & Success


Your target audience and ideal client(s) are clearly identified.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my Ideal Client, i.e. if you could clone ONE person – who would they be? Get to know them in every way! Then be where they are.
  • How will my Ideal Client benefit from engaging with my brand? i.e. What solution(s) to I provide to their main problem(s)?
  • How do I fit into my niche, i.e. what is my place in my field/industry?
  • Who are my competitors, specifically in this space?
  • What makes me stand out from my competition… what do I do better than anyone else? (What’s my superpower?!)
Your holistic branding & marketing roadmap | Krista Goncalves Co.


Your values should be reflective of what you want to be known for and how you want to be seen by your audience. Secondarily, what do you promise to deliver to that audience every time they interact with you and your brand?

This promise and these values need to be immeshed into every touchpoint too — your website, your socials, your content. Upholding your brand promise, and actually living by your core values is key!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want your Ideal Client to take away from your branding experience? How do you want them to feel when they discover you – and your brand?
  • What do I want to be known for? What do I want someone to say about me when I leave the room?

Find out how to craft your Brand Statement.

This is an exercise I use so you’ll know how to put your promise into words!


The look, feel, voice, and attitude of your brand are actually a bridge for your clients and prospects. It’s this brand “persona” that will draw them to you so that you can leave your sweet, lasting impression on them!

But, this distinctive mark MUST also be consistent across all of your touchpoints because it needs to continue to resonate with your people as they will come to have a certain expectation from you.

For example, you shouldn’t infuse a rash of f-bombs in your social posts (for effect and expression – I get it!), but then turn around and try to clean up your potty mouth in your livestreams – where people have likely come to expect and probably look forward to your flowery language.

Your brand is you, so be who you are, everywhere. Just sayin'. Click To Tweet

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How am I different from others in a similar niche, and how does that difference resonate with my people?
  • Can I harness that difference, but still be ME… only better?
  • What’s my brand’s overall vibe – and does my target audience truly resonate with that vibe, in all its glory?
  • Am I consistently showing up, being visible and engaging with my audience — and clearly demonstrating that I’m an expert in my field and/or thought leader in my industry and/or am who I say I am?


This can be considered the face of your brand, which generally refers to the more visual and design aspects, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • colours, fonts, icons & submarks
  • your business name (which may be your own name, as mine partially is) which is then incorporated into logo & tagline(s)
  • the imagery, photos, and graphics used to represent your brand, including those of yourself
    • ads & other visual content or marketing materials

However, I’ve always been of the opinion that Brand Identity also includes a verbal aspect – which is your unique voice, and all of the wonderful ways it’s used to represent your brand as a whole, whether written or spoken in audio & video content.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What visual elements best represent me? (Because YOU are your brand, right?)
  • Which of those visual elements will also resonate with my audience?
  • What is my true, authentic voice? Am I using it in all of my content and communications?


The history, basically the WHY of a brand, is a big part of its story. So that means that the programs, products & services you create and offer are part of that story. As are the people, which may just be YOU at this point.

Therefore, your brand = YOU, and you need to tell YOUR STORY.

But a story goes beyond numbers, facts, and figures. They’re seeking an emotional connection, so create one.There's nothing better than a good story | Tyrion Lannister Quote | Krista Goncalves Co.

(FYI: No one really cares about your resume either!)

Ask yourself this question:

  • How do you reply when someone asks, “So, what do you DO?” or maybe more importantly “… WHY do you do it?”

This is definitely my fave part of the branding process, and I’ve written plenty on the topic.


How to Uncover & Write Your Personal Brand Story


Trust can be somewhat of an intangible factor, but it has a massive effect on a business, its growth, and ultimately its success. By being authentic, honest, and approachable in the way you relate your story will earn you the trust (and admiration!) of your people.

Ask yourself this question:

  • Would my people consider me and my brand to be trustworthy? Have I given them enough opportunities to get to know and like me – the REAL ME? (because I’ve made myself visible – and gotten over my fear of being seen!)

The Step-by-step Actions To Execute Your Holistic Branding & Marketing Strategy

1 / Clearly identify and solidify each of your brand foundations. Seriously, do not pass ‘go’ until you’ve got these mapped out! (because they ARE your business’ future roadmap!)

2/ Know your niche, target your audience, and determine who your Ideal Client is within that niche.

Develop an ICA = ideal client avatar. (Yes, this is all part of your brand’s position, but it needs to be its own step – it’s truly that important.)

3/ Uncover and connect with your ICA’s pain point(s). Really try to understand what it is they need and give them the precise solution(s) to their problems!

4/ Start creating content around those solutions. Then SHOW UP and promote it everywhere, being consistent across your channels or ideal client touchpoints: website, email list, socials, local talks, guest posting, your Grandma’s knitting circle – if that’s where your target audience is hanging out, of course 😉

5/ Get organized and schedule your productivity – YES, schedule that shit out like any other task!

(Do you have an editorial calendar? Oh, you must!)

And let’s bring social media into this Holistic Marketing strategy because we all know what a time suck it is, and how easy it is to get totally burnt out on it. Very UN-holistic, if I do say so!

6/ Simplify socials.

–> Focus on just ONE social media platform… for now.

Pick one where you know your target audience is hanging out and create a posting plan that works around that ONE platform.Branding matters more than ever - and it's a holistic experience | Neil Blumenthal Quote | Making Lemonade

For the Krista Goncalves Co. community, we’re all about that ‘gram!

–> Set boundaries, especially around the time you spend on social media.

For example, turning your daily notifications off, not checking socials, or using a digital device, at least one hour before bed (hiya, melatonin!), and unplugging at least ONE FULL DAY PER WEEK.

How about using an app to limit your time on socials?

–> Focus on your non-work/non-social media life more!

No, seriously – I urge you to take regular breaks from digital life. Your business will benefit from it because you won’t be so burnt out!

–> Find other ways to engage and connect with your audience that are NOT social media… 

For example, creating engaging content on your own website (like blog articles), guest posting on other websites/blogs with a similar audience, podcasting/webcasting, and doing more local talks. Oh, and VIDEOS!!

These are the exact things that I did to increase my visibility and boost my credibility as a Women’s Health & Nutrition Expert when I first started my nutritional counseling business over six years ago – and none of them had anything to do with social media because it really wasn’t as big a “thing” back then 😉

Building your business using a more holistic approach means that your verbal + visual brand identity will be better aligned with who YOU actually are. Click To Tweet

So, there you have it… a jugful of tips for squeezing out your own Holistic Marketing & Branding Strategy for your health & wellness business! Because…

Holistic Marketing + Brand Experience = Business Growth.

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