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Do You Have an Entrepreneur’s Bucket List? You Should!

Hey there Wellness Entrepreneur!

You’ve got a personal bucket list, as many people do. These are your burning ambitions before you kick the bucket…get it? (in case you ever wondered where that term came from)

Ya know, things like:

  • skydiving
  • bungee jumping, again
  • swimming with whale sharks in Tonga
  • writing and publishing a book, or two
  • traveling around Australian & New Zealand with your family for at least a month (or three!)
  • learning to play the drums – and be in a band of middle-aged Soccer Moms
  • become fluent in another language, because you forgot everything you learned from high school French

Ok, ok maybe that’s just MY personal bucket list…but do YOU have one for your business?

Why You Should Have An Entrepreneur’s Bucket List

Every business owner (that’s YOU, ya kickass CEO you) should have an “entrepreneur’s bucket list” of monumental accomplishments that you want to achieve in the course of your entrepreneurial journey – which by the way, the journey part never ends, so you’ve got a bit of time 😉

But, let’s face it Ms. CEO, every entrepreneur starts with a dream and a burning desire to do more in their life – and in their business or company.

Yet all too often, a few years down the line, many, if not most business owners have neglected to stoke those burning ambitions that were so fired up during the startup phase.

Maybe it’s because they got too focused on just staying afloat, or maybe it became more about making money, and the  “experiences” got pushed right off the map.

Well, I want you to bring back the bucket list!!

Here are 13 big (scary, but juicy) goals you could incorporate into your plan to be an entrepreneurial wellness business boss lady…

  1. Collaborate with a bigwig (or two) in your field – here’s how I managed to cross that one off my list!
  2. Meet one of your business idols or mentors, in the flesh. Well, not THAT kind of flesh, but at least strive to meet them in person.
  3. Write YOUR story, in full and complete detail. Every. Damn. Word.
  4. BYOB – be your own boss, 100% on your own terms.
  5. Give to charity, or do something charitable through your business. Give back, pay it forward – however you want that to look and feel to you.
  6. Become a spokesperson and learn to own the room – or the stage!
  7. Travel for business – and get paid to do it.
  8. Be a featured contributor or be interviewed – in print, on a podcast or in an e-magazine. Be sought after to be featured! Then, build up your “As Featured In” or “Media” portfolio
  9. Grow your team – stop doing it ALL by yourself, just outsource and hire someone. Here are some tips for determining if you need a VA.
  10. Got website shame? Ditch that shabby DIY’d website you pieced together (using blood, sweat, tears – so many tears) and trade up for the ultimate digital business card. Here are some recommended website & business building resources.
  11. Mentor other newbie health business owners & wellness entrepreneurs
  12. Sell your business and start a new one… wait, what?! I was just getting THIS one off the ground!!
  13. Get a side hustle going being a world-renowned Sommelier (sorry, I drifted back to my own list there for a sec…)

THE BOTTOM LINE ON BUCKET LISTS FOR BUSINESSWhy you need a wellness entrepreneur's bucket list - how to start one | Making Lemonade with Krista Goncalves

You should use your entrepreneur’s bucket list to help you work towards success in your business – that’s a given.

But, it can also help you keep a healthy mindset and overall outlook. The certainty that those big, juicy goals CAN be achieved, even if they seem a bit lofty at first.

So, with that in mind, take some time to brainstorm, and think about what must be included on your bucket list, and just see what you come up with:

  • Be sure to list things that likely didn’t make the cut in your original business plan!
  • The fun of this exercise and keeping a bucket list is that once you start asking yourself some hard questions like “What would my [mentor] do?”, then you would be surprised at what answers start to come up for you.
  • When it feels like you’ve got some solid aspirations on your list — hang it up in your office, share it on socials, or verbalize it to a trusted friend or business bestie.
  • Then pick ONE, give it a reasonable deadline (like inside of a year), and then get going on it! FYI – there are SEVEN days in the week and SOMEDAY is one of them 🙂

I just love this advice from Alicia, founder & CEO of FitPro Essentials:

You need to practice and train yourself to THINK from a place of abundance on a daily basis. By working from a place of abundance, you'll take higher quality actions that'll help you build the business YOU want and deserve. Click To Tweet

“Instead of focusing on what you DON’T have, focus on what you DO have, and on what’s POSSIBLE.” ~ Alicia Streger

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