The newly refreshed and seriously upgraded BRAND YOURSELF CHALLENGE program – and the all-new Krista Goncalves Co. Course Studio – can be previewed RIGHT HERE.

And it’s bigger, better and most certainly juicier than ever before!

Here’s what you’ll experience when your PERSONAL BRAND is fully juiced:

  • No more feelings of being lost in a sea of health industry sameness
  • Panic ditched… that you need to be all over social media, all the time (‘cuz what do you even post or say anyway?!)
  • Imposter syndrome and comparisonitis… a thing of the past!
  • You’ll stop attracting all the wrong people (could it be your confusing messaging or is it the incohesive visuals??)
  • Confidence. You’ll be stoked to show off your visual brand to the world and shout it (with your unique voice) from the top of your lemonade stand!

At the core, this challenge will help you solve one of your biggest sticking points — how do you harness all of that sweet YOU-ness and capitalize on it in your business?! We’ve got that handled too.

Challenge YOUR brand now!