5 Common Problems For Wellness Business Owners

The 5 Common Problems For (Nearly) Every Wellness Business Owner

I’m going to keep this post as simple as possible – no fluff or small talk whatsoever. Let’s get straight down to the business of growing your business, and how to overcome the common barriers I see so many new and experienced business owners struggling with.

The 5 roadblocks most Wellness Entrepreneurs run into when they’re trying to grow their business:

(And by the way, they’re easily recognized because I’ve faced every one of them myself, repeatedly!)

Common Problems Wellness Entrepreneurs Have Growing Their Business



Let me paint a picture for you…

You feel completely alone with your big, beautiful dreams, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone who you feel really “gets” you.

Most of the people in your life – family, friends and other associates, just aren’t on a similar path of following their burning bucket-list passions and wanting to become a kickass wellness entrepreneur like you.

In fact, it may also seem like everyone thinks you’re batshit crazy for wanting to do what you do! (because you’ve deemed yourself a Nutritional Ninja for the Hormonally Challenged perhaps?!)

Deep down, you dream of running, and wildly growing, a business you adore that provides you more flexibility and financial freedom.

But, with all of the Doubting Debbies surrounding you, you just don’t know how to make it happen and are feeling doubtful that it ever will come to fruition.

Read more about my own experience and how I dealt with all the Doubting Debbies – guest article for WellpreneurOnline:

How I Got Over Telling People What I Do


Here’s the thing, that I totally connect with myself…

You LOVE learning and want to download every damn free resource out there (including mine!) — every checklist, e-course, training or webinar you can get your eyes and ears on.

You literally spend all your free time researching, reading and writing down all of your great ideas with list after list. It’s official, you’re a scratch pad, lined notebook and post-it note hoarder.

While all of that may seem like you’re getting somewhere in your business, it’s really just “busy work” and not the crucial LEAD-GENERATING work.

And when it comes to implementing even one of your big, beautiful ideas, you feel stuck – like a fly in your organic PB on sprouted grain bread.

You try to prioritize what to do first, and instead of any taking action whatsoever, you go back to researching and list-making — only fueling your info-binge-eating problem. Stop the madness!

On the flipside, as Health Coaches & Wellness Experts, we like to do exactly the same thing to our clients. Our heads are so full of gorgeously shareable health knowledge – that we feel compelled to give our people every last drop of it…all at once!

The cure for both of these scenarios? K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sister!

As I said in the recent article “How to Build Your Business When You Have No Time”, the key to building your online wellness business (without gorging at the info dessert buffet), is to be highly focused, use priority lists, learn how to “time budget” and trade off a number of things you may not want to.

Where your clients and your tribe are concerned, hold back some of the goods! As the saying goes, don’t give away the farm.

Listen, I’m all for underpromising and overdelivering. In fact, I live and work by that old standard in my clarity coaching & copywriting business.

However, if you give it ALL up in the first consultation, or in the first week of your program, what’s left?

Not only are you going to overwhelm the heck out of your client (and they’re likely going to follow suit with not acting on anything, hence not getting the results you’re both seeking), but they’re not likely going to keep up with a paid client relationship.

Point taken, don’t get into an information overload situation – whether drinking it in or dishing it out.

Can’t help yourself and you really just want another damn free resource?

Who am I to deny you? Go get your freebie on!

Download the Mega List of 100+ Entrepreneur’s Business Tools


This is a common roadblock that trips up many wellness entrepreneurs, both new and experienced – even me!

While it’s tempting to design your own logo, write your own copy, do your own bookkeeping, and generally do ALL OF THE THINGS yourself – it’s just not a wise use of your time.

Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it, or that you’re even good at it – and that’s OK!!

Even if you are good at it, you have to evaluate whether it’s really an effective use of your time. I’m a big fan of outsourcing, and sometimes that means getting help in your business before you’re ready or before you can afford it.

The sooner you learn to delegate business tasks, the more progress you're going to make in your online wellness business, and the happier + healthier you're going to be too! Click To Tweet


You just can’t help yourself… you spend waaaaaaay too much time creeping on other health coaches and practitioners. By all accounts, they’re “killing it” online.

Common Wellness Business Problem: Imposter syndrome

We all do it, and we all feel that way about other people’s websites and social profiles who are in the online wellness business space.

Unfortunately, this often causes feelings of not being good enough (imposter alert!), and you end up switching from one marketing strategy to another trying to emulate what the “killin’ its” are doing, or what the “gurus” are saying you should be doing.

If you flip flop around with your business models and marketing strategies too often, you’ll never figure out what’s actually working. And let me tell you something about both the “killin’ its” and the “gurus”…looks can be deceiving!

Read more about my own experience with imposter syndrome and comparisonitis:

How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud


Ok, let’s say you’re a bit more focused, organized and on top of things than the above scenarios – and you’ve mapped out your vision with a very clear idea of where you want to be, and what your business looks like.

You’re fired up, willing and ready to do what it takes. You’ve got a solid endgame with a No-Plan B commitment in place – like I did! But, you have no clue how to play through to your endgame.

You know you need to learn from the pros, but they seem expensive and downright inaccessible.

I want to let you know that expert support and most importantly, the accountability that you need to focus, and prioritize things while building and growing your business is absolutely within your reach – and it’s not insanely expensive either. In fact, most of it is free!

Together, let’s juice up your wellness business:

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